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What Services We Provide

If you have considered establishing a vineyard on your land but need more information about how to proceed, we offer consulting, installation, and management services. We provide custom vineyard installations with the full range of services including site surveys, vineyard design and layout, vine selection and ordering, soil preparation, trellis and irrigation installation, and vine planting. Vineyard management services are also available.

Vineyard Establishment

Löringhof Ltd.

Löringhof Ltd., trading as Toll Gate Farm and Vineyards, offers a palette of services for prospective vineyard owners. These services begin with discussions to determine the client's goals for the new vineyard. During this period we assist the client in understanding what owning a vineyard entails in terms of time, money, and personal involvement. The next stage includes conducting site surveys, selecting and ordering vines, designing and laying out the vineyard, preparing the soil, installing trellis and irrigation systems, and planting the vines.

Selecting the Site

The overriding consideration in establishing a new vineyard is location, location, location. The first location aspect is the physical site for the vineyard, the second location aspect is the site’s characteristics relative to its surroundings, and the third location aspect is the accessibility of the site for utilities and motorized equipment.

Site selection can be a confusing and traumatic process for any newcomer; the right decision can aid in the success of the vineyard. A poor vineyard site will not produce the desired results and will frustrate the owner’s every effort to achieve success. If you already own land, Löringhof Ltd can help you find the optimal vineyard configuration to take the best advantage of your site. If you are considering purchasing land, we can assist you in the selection process through comprehensive site survey and analysis.

Selecting the Grape Varieties

The type of grapes selected depends on a number of factors, including site characteristics, market desires, and personal preference. Another major factor is the end use of the grapes to be grown: Are the grapes to be sold commercially to wineries or used in your own winery? Löringhof Ltd. assists in the selection of varieties and rootstocks that take into consideration these and other factors.

Designing the Vineyard

We custom-design vineyard layouts and guide growers in all phases of vineyard establishment with the goal of maximizing resources and minimizing costs. The final design will be influenced by the grape varieties chosen and their growth habits.

Preparing the Soil

Soil preparation will include adding amendments based on soil sampling results, soil "ripping" to loosen the soil for better root penetration of the new vines, weed control, and trenching for irrigation. In-row and under-row cover crops will be planted after rototilling the planned vine rows.

Installing the Infrastructure

The choice of posts - metal or wood - is driven by both economic reality and personal preference. We assist prospective growers in making the decision that meets their own requirements. Posts will be installed to meet functional and aesthetic needs. Irrigation, if desired, will be installed so that complete infrastructure will be ready to receive the vines at the appropriate planting time.

Planting the Vines

In this stage, vines are planted, initial trellis wire installed, training stakes and grow tubes placed for each plant, and plants thoroughly watered to speed the new vines on their way to maximum growth.

Vineyard Management

For established vineyards, whether newly planted or mature, Löringhof Ltd. can manage them for you. We will conduct on-going inspections of your vineyard. We will develop and implement customized pest and weed management, nutrient management, and crop/canopy management programs on a yearly basis. The essence of these programs is to develop specific solutions, working closely with the owner, to maximize the control of insects, vertebrate pests, diseases, weeds, nutrients, cover crops, irrigation, and crop/canopy balance to achieve high quality fruit.

Löringhof Ltd. Engagements

Löringhof Ltd. provides services principally through vineyard site visits. Some aspects of an engagement can also be conducted via telephone and e-mail.

Löringhof Ltd. engagements usually consist of three distinct phases: preliminary analysis, implementation, and close-down.

Preliminary Analysis

The preliminary analysis phase begins with discussion about goals, needs, and expectations. Feasibility of the venture is determined and boundaries are established for the project. If the analysis leads to a “go” decision, a written agreement is prepared.


The implementation or execution phase of the project begins with development of a project plan including a timeline for all activities. Grower decision points and other needed input are identified. Long lead time items are highlighted for early action.


The close-down phase consists of a review to determine the level of project success and a discussion of lessons learned by the grower and Löringhof Ltd.